Online Services

  1. Contracts

    This is where you can search for any County government contract.

  2. County Code Search

    Immerse yourself in Whatcom County Code.

  3. Crime Reporting Online

    The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office has implemented an Online Reporting System to provide citizens with a simple process for reporting incidents in which there are no known suspects, and where the reason for filing the report is for documentation only, or where a case number is needed for reporting to an insurance company or financial institution.

  4. Jail Bookings by Date

View a list of all people in custody at our corrections facilities

  5. Jail Bookings (Press Release)

    View a listing of persons booked into the Whatcom County jail by date

  6. Jail Releases

    Access the Jail Releases database to search for persons released from the Whatcom County Jail.

  7. Jail Roster Search

    Search the Jail Inmate Roster database.

  8. Job Descriptions Search

    This is where you search for job descriptions for any of the Whatcom County government employee positions.

  9. License Tab Renewal

    Proceed through the steps of renewing your vehicle tab.

  10. Marriage Licenses

    Get information on obtaining a marriage license online.

  11. Multi-Ride Ferry Pass Purchase

    Find out how to acquire a multi-ride pass and what the terms and conditions are.

  12. Passport Application

    Find instructions to apply for a new passport book or card online.

  13. Property Tax Payments

    Pay your property taxes online.

  14. Real Property Search

    Gain access to assessment data.

  15. Road Maintenance Service Request

    Please use this form for routine road maintenance service requests.

  16. Recorded Documents

    The Official Records index information is provided as a public service for your convenience.

  17. Voter Registration

    Take part in your civic duty and register to vote online.