Elected Officials

  1. Assessor

    The Assessor's Department determines and establishes the value of all real and taxable personal property in county, used to distribute tax responsibility.

  2. Auditor

    The Whatcom County Auditor´s Office is committed to excellence in public service, easy access to information and efficient operations in its key services of elections, recording, licensing and internal audit.

  3. County Council

    The Whatcom County Council is the legislative branch of Whatcom County government. The County Council is comprised of seven members. One member is elected from each of the five County Council districts, and two members are elected as the countywide at-large representatives.

  4. County Executive

    The Executive provides for an accountable and responsive county government by ensuring efficient, effective and economical administration in accordance with the County Charter, the Washington State Constitution and other applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as county policy.

  5. District Court Judges

  6. Prosecuting Attorney

    The Prosecuting Attorney is an elected position, partisan, 4-year term. Duties are established by state constitution and statutes.

  7. Sheriff

    Founded in 1854, your Sheriff's Office is one of Washington's oldest and most respected law enforcement organizations. Responsible for law enforcement, corrections and emergency management, we serve a growing community of over 210,000 residents and are responsible for a land area encompassing 2,500 square miles on the international border.

  8. Superior Court Judges

  9. Treasurer

    The County Treasurer's Office collects, reports, invests, and manages all monies and debt for Whatcom County, and all other junior and special purpose districts.