WSDOT Everson Goshen/E. Smith Road - Compact Roundabout

The State Department of Transportation has constructed a compact roundabout to handle the detouring traffic coming from one of its construction projects.  A culvert under the Mt. Baker Highway (SR542) at Anderson Creek is being removed and replaced with a bridge to enhance fish passage in the creek.  The detour has been established to maintain the flow of east-west traffic which will increase during the project.  The roundabout will remain as an improvement for area traffic after project completion.

WSDOT Update: 

SR 542/547 intersection is now a three-way stop.

Work is progressing on the project to build a new roundabout at the intersection of SR 542 and
547. A new three-way stop now is in place at the SR 542-547 junction east of the roundabout
construction location. This will remain in place throughout construction. When the roundabout is
complete, this three-way junction will close and the sweeping 500-foot curve west of the
intersection will be removed and restored to a natural state. Drivers also should be prepared for:

•   Lane closures and flaggers 24 hours a day near the work zone
•   Lane shifts near the work zone.

Work will be complete in mid-September.