Technical and Financial Assistance for Improving Water Quality

In partnership with the Whatcom Conservation District, Whatcom County works with landowners to identify and implement community solutions to reduce fecal coliform bacteria levels. Through community engagement, technical assistance and incentive programs, a community sense of ownership and stewardship is developed for our local waterways.  

Become Part of the Solution!

We are thankful to the many landowners who have already taken steps to improve and protect water quality in their neighborhood creeks. Simple actions that can make a big difference include:  

  • Inspect and maintain your septic system
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Keep trash and pet food secure from wildlife
  • Collect, store and apply manure wisely
  • Plant trees and shrubs along your creek banks
  • Develop a farm plan with the Whatcom Conservation District
  • Fence animals out of creeks, ditches and swales
  • Actively manage pastures
  • Create protected heavy use areas
  • Attend an outreach and education event about water quality

  Small Farm Infographic

Click here for the Farm Management Tips Booklet and the Farm Checklist and Action Plan from the Whatcom Conservation District


Technical and Financial Assistance Available

There are a variety of options available to address problems, depending on the source of bacteria.  Technical and financial resources are offered to landowners within focus areas to identify and fix bacteria sources on their property through voluntary efforts. 

Technical and Financial Assistance for Agricultural Best Management Practices:

Whatcom Conservation District, 360.526.2381 
The WCD provides technical assistance to farmers and landowners to minimize the impacts of livestock operations on soil and water resources. Financial assistance may be available for some conservation practices. 

On-Site Sewage System Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Program:

Whatcom County Health Department, 360.778.6000 
See more information on free homeowner training and certification workshops for OSS evaluation, operation and maintenance.

Septic System Maintenance Rebate Program

Whatcom County Public Works, 360.778.6230
Qualifying homeowners are eligible to receive a rebate of up to $200 for septic system evaluation, pumping or equipment installation. The current rebate program is available to landowners in the North Lynden watershed.