Airport Drive Subsurface Repair

Airport Drive Subsurface Repair Project Map

Project Location Map
This project proposes to repair a subsurface issue on Airport Drive just west of Canterbury Lane. Subsurface stabilization to occur starting September 12, 2017. The asphalt overlay and sidewalk, curbs, and gutters reconstruction will be completed in spring of 2018.

​Project Update for the week of October 1, 2017

Deep foam injections were completed on September 20th by the contractor.

The remaining items to be completed on this project are as follows:
Short Term-
  • As-built survey-Scheduled for October 11th and will restrict normal traffic flow
  • Utility line repairs including installation of manhole-Construction is to be determined and will restrict normal traffic flow
  • Monitoring efforts of pavement conditions will occur periodically. Currently there is no plan for interim repairs to be made.
Long Term-
  • Paving overlay and sidewalk reconstruction-Scheduled for Spring 2018
Please contact Cody Swan at 360 778-6265 with any questions regarding this project. In his absence contact Jim Karcher at 360 778-6271.