Birch Bay Drive Storm Damage 12/20/2018

Storm damage repairs to Birch Bay Drive is to be completed under 

 Small Area Paving Project 

On December 20, 2018 a storm caused severe erosion to portions of Birch Bay Drive. The wind-driven tidal surge washed across Birch Bay Drive, ripping up asphalt and damaging several oceanfront homes and businesses.

One lane is open northbound on Birch Bay Drive from Harborview Rd To Shintaffer Rd. The southbound lane is closed to traffic until the roadway is repaired.

County Public Works crews will be removing the damaged pavement, repairing the existing rock seawall and berm, placing gravel and repairing signage.

Permanent repair of the road will take place June 2019 as part of the Small Area Paving Project. The Small Area Paving project proposes to repair all damaged paved surface back to their original state. The Birch Bay Drive and Pedestrian Facility will likely follow this year.

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