Executive Orders (Current)

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Current Year - Active Executive Orders
Date Title Department Reason
2020-01 Adjusting County Operations During the COVID-19 Event County Executive Public Health & Safety
2020-03 Amendment to the 2019 Unified Fee Schedule (UFS) Public Works Suspending Ferry Fares
2020-05 Authorizing Temporary Cell Phone Stipend for Business Use of Personal Cell Phone County Executive County Operations
2020-06 Implementing a Selective Hiring Freeze County Executive County Operations
2020-07 Amending the 2019-2020 Unified Fee Schedule (UFS) Health COVID19 Response
2020-08 Amending the 2020 Unified Fee Schedule (UFS) Sheriff Reimbursable overtime rate update
2020-09 Eliminating Stand-by and Extra Emergency Leave Pay County Executive County Operations
Prior Years - Active Executive Orders
Date Title Department
2000-02 Creation of Risk Management Working Group Administrative Services
2005-02 Designation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Sheriff's Office
2005-06 Implementation of Courthouse Security All Departments
2012-03 Criteria for Addition of Names to Whatcom County Memorial Wall Executive's Office
2013-01 Delegating Authority for Benefit Transactions Administrative Services
2013-02 Risk Management Working Group and Roles Administrative Services
2014-02 Encouraging Life-Giving Medical Donations Administrative Services
2017-03 Recognizing County Auditor's Role in State Audit Auditor's Office
2019-01 Amendment to the 2019 Unified Fee Schedule (UFS) Planning & Development
2019-02 Amendment to the 2019 Unified Fee Schedule (UFS) Auditor's Office
2019-03 Supplemental Retirement Plan Working Group Administrative Services
2019-04 Rescinding Expired UFS Executive Orders All Departments
2019-05 Rescinding Expired Executive Orders - OTHER All Departments