Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Page updated: Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 10:30 am

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COVID-19 Case Data for Whatcom County

These numbers are updated daily at 12:00 pm. They are updated sooner if significant developments occur. 

Last updated: Saturday, May 30, 2020 10:30 am.

Confirmed Cases**395
Negative Results*8,010

** Confirmed Cases: Positive test results for Whatcom County residents reported in the Washington Disease Reporting System as of 11:59 pm the previous day.

*Negative Results: Negative test results available for individuals that are known to the Whatcom County Health Department in the Washington Disease Reporting System (WDRS) as of 11:59 pm the previous day.

***Deaths: Some deaths may be reported by healthcare providers, the medical examiner, or others. Death data may fluctuate as death records and medical records are reconciled during the investigation process. 

COVID-19 Data Charts for Whatcom County

These charts are updated weekly each Sunday. Weeks begin on Sundays and end on Saturdays. For data charts providing percentage of cases and deaths by age and sex at birth, these percentages are derived from the total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths reported for Whatcom County residents.

Last updated: Sunday, May 24, 2020 for data ending Saturday, May, 23, 2020.  Please note the map showing confirmed cases by school district is not updated weekly.

More data is available from the Washington State Department of Health’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

Click on a chart to view at full size.

Number of new COVID-19 cases each week
Chart shows daily cumulative total of COVID-19 cases
Cases by School District_5.14.20
Number of COVID-19 deaths per week
Percentage of COVID-19 cases and deaths by age category
Percentage of COVID-19 cases and deaths by sex
Cases by Race and Ethnicity
  1. Whatcom County is eligible to apply to move to Phase 2

    Governor Inslee has released an updated Safe Start plan which allows for more flexibility for counties to apply for a variance. Under the updated requirements, Whatcom County is now eligible to apply for a variance to move to Phase 2. Learn More
  2. Moving Whatcom County to Phase 2

    Whatcom County is currently in Phase 1 of the Safe Start reopening plan. We can move to Phase 2 after the county meets certain health benchmarks. We are working hard to meet those goals, so we can move safely into Phase 2. Read more
  3. Yes, Whatcom County is Still in Phase 1 of Reopening

    Moving to Phase 2 doesn’t happen automatically. Moving to Phase 2 happens when we meet certain public health criteria. How does Whatcom County get to Phase 2? Read on...
  4. Whatcom County COVID-19 Data Update

    We’ve updated the charts on our website showing the weekly number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, the number of COVID-19 attributed deaths, and more for the week of Sunday, May 17 through Saturday, May 23. Read more
  5. Is it safe to gather with friends?

    COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person. Any time two people are near each other, there is an opportunity for the virus to find a new host. But it needs help to get from person to person, and our actions can make it harder for the virus to succeed. Learn more
  6. Grieving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Grieving loss is a painful life experience made more difficult and lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
  7. Whatcom County Cloth Face Covering Directive

    Today we issued a Local Health Officer Directive that directs everyone to wear cloth face coverings while in any public indoor and outdoor locations where a person will be within 6 feet of someone who they don’t live with. Read more
  8. Whatcom County COVID-19 Data Update

    We are committed to sharing reliable and meaningful information about the COVID-19 outbreak as soon as we are able. This week, we’ve added two new data charts and a map showing confirmed cases by geographic areas within the county. Read more
  9. Mental Health and Social Isolation During Stay Home, Stay Healthy

    One of the most important ways we can slow the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home and physically distance ourselves from others. Unfortunately, this method of slowing the spread of the virus can lead to some unintended consequences. Learn more
  10. Returning to Work After COVID-19 Illness or Exposure (Guide for Essential and Healthcare Workers)

    If you’re an essential worker or healthcare worker that tested positive for COVID-19, or has been exposed to someone who has, you may be wondering what to do and when it’s ok to return to work. Here’s what you need to know. Read more...
  11. Talking with Children about COVID-19

    COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds right now. Talking kids about what's going on can be challenging, but it’s necessary to help them navigate their thoughts and feelings. Here are some tips to help you do that. Read more
  12. COVID Employer Support Task Force Launching to Provide Guidance to Local Businesses

    Task Force members will work with health department staff to develop a set of best practices and guidelines to ensure employers have measures in place to protect their employees, customers, and clients from the risk of infection with COVID-19. Read on...
  13. Weekly COVID-19 Data Update

    We’ve updated the charts on our website that show the weekly number of confirmed cases and COVID-19 attributed deaths with numbers for the week of Sunday, May 3 through Saturday, May 9. Read more
  14. Becoming a Parent during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Adjusting to parenthood is challenging in the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. Because of COVID-19, new parents may need to find new ways to get help from family, friends, and community support. Read on...
  15. Contact Tracing to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

    “Contact tracing” is a buzzword you’ve no doubt heard a lot lately. What exactly is it, why does it matter, and how do we do it in Whatcom County? Learn more
  16. Everyone Deserves Safety and Support

    We know things are stressful right now. With the extension of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order until at least May 31st, some of us are thinking about how we will pay rent or buy groceries. For others, staying home may even be dangerous. Read on...
  17. Northern Whatcom County Beaches Closed to Recreational Shellfish Harvest

    Paralytic shellfish poisoning biotoxin has reached unsafe levels in molluscan shellfish in Drayton Harbor. Recreational shellfish harvesting is closed on all beaches from Birch Point north to the Canadian Border, including all of Point Roberts. Additional Info...
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