Road & Bridge Projects

  1. Birch Bay Drive & Pedestrian Facility Project

    View information about the construction of a soft shore berm and pathway along Birch Bay Drive.

  2. Potter Road, South Fork Nooksack Bridge #148

    This bridge replacement project is located in Sections 17 and 18, T38N, R5E.

  3. Slater Road/Jordan Creek Fish Passage Project

  4. N. Lake Samish Rd Bridge No. 107

  5. Roberts Road/Anderson Creek Bridge No. 249

  6. County Roadway Safety Program

    This project was the result of a Federal Safety Initiative to reduce fatalities and serious injury collisions on county roadways throughout the state. Whatcom County's grant addresses safety concerns through signage and rumble strips.

  7. So. Pass Rd/ Saar Crk Bridge No. 212 - Completed

    Bridge Replacement Project

  8. South Pass Road Failure Repair - Completed

    Due to roadway damage from slope movement on South Pass Road, Whatcom County was awarded $750,000 in Federal Emergency Relief funds in September 2015 to repair the roadway.

  9. Lakeway Drive Crosswalk - Completed

    This project will construct HAWK crosswalk signal, advanced warning flashing beacons, and illumination at the Lakeway Drive/Parkstone Lane intersection.

  10. Marine Drive Bicycle Warning System - Completed

    This project entails the installation of a radar/flashing beacon warning system to detect bicycles and pedestrians approaching Whatcom County Bridge #172.

If you do not see a project listed here please call 360-778-6210 for more information on county road projects or find other agencies to contact for information on road construction: