Management Information Systems Committee

  • Kathy Walker (Chair), Prosecutor's Office - Email
  • Dewey Desler, Director Administrative Services - Email
  • Karen Flaherty, Bellingham Police Department - Email
  • Mike Haslip, Chief of Blaine Police Department - Email
  • Wendy Jones, Chief of Corrections - Email
  • Kevin Moyes, Whatcom County Sheriff's Office - Email
  • R. Josh Nylander, County Information Technology - Email
  • Ron Peterson, Project Manager - Email
  • Barbara Plumbo, Juvenile Probation - Email
  • Dave Reynolds, Juvenile Probation- Email
  • Perry Rice, County Information Technology Manager - Email
The Management Information Systems (MIS) Committee is a standing committee of the Law and Justice Council. Its mission is:
  • " improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the adult and juvenile justice system in Whatcom County through the use of information resource management in support of the enhancement of public safety and the swift and fair administration of justice."
Data Integration Project
The primary project of the Committee, the Whatcom County Data Integration project (see published report (PDF)) is underway. The ultimate goal of the plan is the creation of a multi-jurisdictional, adult and juvenile justice system that has its offender-based processes seamlessly linked together and supported by a smooth flow of information.