Slater Road / Nooksack River Bridge #512 Painting

Project Background
The Slater Road / Nooksack River Bridge #512 is a steel through truss bridge originally built in 1957. The superstructures is showing signs of rust and peeling paint and is in need of repainting. Whatcom County has been awarded approximately $1.8 million in federal bridge rehabilitation funds for this painting project.
Project Updates
 25 MPH speed limit through the construction site. Please use caution and alternate routes if possible.    
The contract for this construction project has been awarded to Purcell Paintings and Coatings, LLC in the amount of $1,123,000. The project is expected to be completed in October of 2015.  
 Project Goals
  • Extend Life of Steel Structure though Cleaning and Painting
  • Provide Least Possible Disruption to Traffic During Lane Closures
  • Support Local Community Events through Construction Scheduling
Other Project Information