Recycling & Trash

Garbage & Recycling Services
In Whatcom County, garbage and recycling services are provided by private companies. The county government coordinates and oversees these services. Use these pages to answer your questions about how to dispose of or recycle different types of waste and to find out which waste disposal companies serve your area.
Garbage & Recycling
  1. Curbside Pickup

    Curbside garbage and recycling services in Whatcom County are handled by 3 private companies, each 1 dealing with a different region of the County.

  2. Disposal

    Learn about disposing of solid waste in Whatcom County.

  3. Food Waste Recycling (PDF)

    View information about recycling food waste in Whatcom County.

  4. Litter

    Starting in July of 1998, with grant monies from the Washington State Department of Ecology, the Whatcom County Solid Waste Division has taken part in a program to help clean up litter from our trails and county roads

  5. Recycling Hotline

    If you have a question about waste reduction, recycling, composting, or household hazardous waste that isn't addressed on this website, call the Recycling Hotline.

  6. Solid Waste Advisory Committee

    The Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) is comprised of a county-wide 11-member group of citizens, public interest groups, business, the waste management and recycling industries and local elected public officials (or their designees).

  7. Whatcom Recycles!

    See a listing of the various recycling opportunities throughout Whatcom County.