Living Environment Program

The Living Environment Program staff work towards reducing risks through plan review, inspections, investigations and education in the following areas:

  1. Rabies Prevention

    The rabies program staff works to reduce the risk of a person getting rabies. Rabies is a very rare but fatal disease that people can get if they are bitten by a rabid animal or exposed to saliva from a rabid animal.

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  2. School Safety

    The Whatcom County Health Department school safety staff works to provide a safe and healthy environment for children enrolled in primary and secondary schools throughout Whatcom County.

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  3. Water Recreation Safety

    The Water Recreation Program Staff work to reduce the risk of unintentional drowning and to prevent illness for people who swim, soak, or play in public pool, spas, hot tubs or natural bodies of water.

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  4. West Nile Virus

    West Nile virus is a bird disease spread by mosquitoes, which sometimes affects humans and certain animals, such as horses.

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  5. Vectors

    Vectors are animals or insects that can carry and transmit disease to people.

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