Current Projects

Please contact Current Planning at 360-778-5900 for information regarding projects not listed on this page.
  1. Stremler Gravel-Pangborn Rd Mine ADM2014-00020

  2. Bel Sudden Valley Verizon Wireless WCF

    CUP2015-00003 Bel Sudden Valley Wireless WCF Permit Application and related documents.

  3. Point Roberts Beach Club

    Read the documents regarding the Point Roberts Beach Club project.

  4. Gateway Pacific Terminal Proposed Project

    The Gateway Pacific Terminal Proposed Project, which is being proposed by Pacific International Terminals, Inc., is a multi-user import and export marina terminal for bulk, break-bulk, and other marine cargoes.

  5. T-Mobile South Bay

    T-Mobile South Bay Project Documents

  6. Province Road Gravel

    documents related to Province Road Gravel project, Point Roberts, CUP2016-00007

  7. Wildwood Resort Expansion Project

    Documents related to Wildwood Resort