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1. If I have an existing single family residence served by an exempt well do I have to stop using my water.
2. How do I expand my single party well to a two-party well?
3. Can expand a single family residence served by a permit-exempt well?
4. Can I expand a single party well to a Group B ("shared" well or public system)?
5. I have a well and a septic system--is that sufficient to protect instream flows?
6. Can I replace/rebuild my home? Can I drill a new well?
7. Can I use rainwater catchment?
8. Can I build an agricultural structure without water?
9. Can I build any structure (building) without water?
10. Are there public water systems I can join?
11. What happens if I drill a well (or have already drilled a well) but do not have a single family residence?
12. Does this affect irrigation water usage?
13. Can I use an existing non-potable well (irrigation/livestock) for residential purposes?
14. Are there opportunities for mitigation at the present time?
15. Can I submit a hydrogeological study to prove I am not affecting instream flows?
16. Can I haul water in to serve my new single family residence?
17. What is the County doing in response to the Hirst case?