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Boards and Commissions

  1. Board and Commission Application

    1. You MUST be registered to vote in Whatcom County, live in Whatcom County, and meet all the qualifications of the board/commission... More…

  1. Community Input to Climate Impact Advisory Committee

    This is a form to gather community input for the Climate Impact Advisory Committee.

Emergency Management

  1. Grey Fox Training and Exercise Application Form

    Registration page for training and exercising with Whatcom County Sheriff's Office Division of Emergency Management.


  1. Health Equity Training Log

    This form is used to keep a record of staff who have completed equity trainings.

  2. Online Death Certificate Application
  3. Victim Impact Panel Verification

    Please answer these questions after attending a Victim Impact Panel presentation. (por favor responda estas preguntas después de la... More…

  1. Online Birth Certificate Application
  2. Victim Impact Panel Registration
  3. Whatcom County Health Department (WCHD) Case Contact Investigation (CCI) Volunteer Portal Online Form

    The Whatcom County Health Department seeks volunteers to serve as Case Contact Investigators (CCI). CCI volunteers would serve an... More…

Online Infraction Program

  1. Electronic Deferred Finding

    This form must be filled out completely to be allowed to process your infraction electronically. If you already have a hearing... More…

  2. Time Pay Agreement for Infractions
  1. Electronic Mitigation Hearing

    This form must be filled out completely to be allowed to process your infraction electronically. If you already have a hearing... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2020 Parks Survey

    Please take a moment to help us improve your experience in Whatcom County Parks.

  2. 2020 Senior Center Participant Survey

    Please help us evaluate our program by filling out this anonymous survey.

  1. 2020 Plantation Rifle Range Survey

Planning & Development Services

  1. Code Enforcement Investigation Request

    Online form for the submission of Investigation Requests for Code Enforcement Staff

  2. Planning and Development Services Building Inspection Request

    Request a building inspection

  3. Request for Website Posting of Notifications -- Internal Use Only

    Online form for PDS Planners to request project Notice posting on the website.

  1. PDS Customer Survey

    Customer Survey Questionnaire

  2. Property Information Inquiry Form

    Online form for the submission information requests regarding specific properties.

  3. VIRTUAL Inspection Request - Planning and Development Services Building

    Request a Virtual inspection

Sheriff's Office

  1. Complaint Form

    Form used to file a complaint about a Sheriff's Office service or employee. Forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards.

  1. Public Records Request - Sheriff's Office