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Lake Whatcom Park - Volunteer Trail Work Party 9/21/19

  1. Lake Whatcom Park - Volunteer Trail Work Party 9/21/19

    Thank you for registering for Whatcom County Parks & Recreation's Volunteer Work Party on September 21st! We'll be working on new trail development at Lake Whatcom Park. We will be building on work completed the previous week. Activities include clearing brush, debris and logs, and digging new trail tread. Other volunteer opportunities are available throughout the summer.

  2. Lake Whatcom Park

    lookout mountain worker 180x220

  3. Schedule and Information

  4. For safety and access reasons, arriving late or leaving early is not allowed. Please plan to stay all day.

  5. Age question*

  6. Under 16 years old

  7. 16 - 18 years old

  8. Emergency Contact Information

    In the event of an emergency please let us know who to call. If you are under 18 provide your parent or guardian information.

  9. Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement

  10. 1.

    By registering I acknowledge that I may be subjecting myself to dangers and hazards which could result in illness, injury, or death. I realize that these risks and hazards may be present at any time during the activity. I am also aware that immediate medical services or attention may not be readily available or accessible while I am participating in the activity.

  11. 2.

    I agree to assume all risks of illness, injury, or death, and hereby agree to release Whatcom County, Whatcom County Parks & Recreation Department, its officers, agents, activity leaders, employees, and other parties involved with providing the opportunity to participate in this activity, of any and all liability.

  12. 3.

    I consent in advance to any medical or surgical treatment that is considered necessary in the best judgement of the attending physician of the hospital furnishing medical services. I understand that in the event of a serious injury, illness, or accident reasonable efforts to contact parents / guardian or closest relative or friend will be attempted.

  13. Photo / Video Release

    I give my permission to have photo / video taken, without recompense, during this activity and used for publicity purposes. Pictures / Video may be published on the Whatcom County public website or social media.

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