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Court Forms

Commonly Used Local Forms

To view the documents below, click [Word] to open a new window that will display the Word2007® or Word2010® versions of the respective forms. Or if you prefer, click on [PDF] to open a new window to display a blank pleading form in PDF format. To view PDF files you will need the free Adobe®Acrobat.

Miscellaneous Local Forms Sample Arbitration Forms
Affidavit of Indigency   [PDF] Demand for Arbitration & Note for Motion Docket [Word] [PDF]
Fee Waiver (Under General Rule 34)     Response to Demand for Arbitration [Word] [PDF]
     Cover Sheet (Sealed) [Word]   Amendment to Demand for Arbitration or Response [Word] [PDF]
     Motion and Declaration [Word] [PDF] Order on Demand for Arbitration [Word] [PDF]
       Financial Statement  
[Word] [PDF] Order Transferring to Arbitration (on Stipulation) [Word] [PDF]
       Order [Word] [PDF] Stipulation to Arbitrator [Word] [PDF]
Background Check, Child Custody Proceedings [Word] [PDF] Arbitration Award [Word] [PDF]
Bail Refund [Word] [PDF] Order Removing from Arbitration [Word] [PDF]
Certificate of Dissolution Form (Department of Health)   [PDF]      
Confidential Information Sheet, Page 2, Additional Information  [Word] [PDF] Accounting Forms
Discovery, Order Compelling [Word]   Invoice Cover Sheet, Criminal Cases   Word]  
Domestic Relations Pre-Trial Information [Word] [PDF] Invoice Cover Sheet, Non-Criminal Cases     Word]  
Domestic:  Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus [Word]   Invoice Cover Sheet, Guardians ad Litem   Word]  
Domestic:  Order to Issue/Warrant in Aid of Writ of Habeas Corpus [Word]   Vendor Application (required for county paid services)   [PDF]
Domestic:  Warrant in Aid of Writ of Habeas Corpus [Word]   CIVIL Trial Setting Forms
Domestic:  Writ of Habeas Corpus [Word]   Trial Setting Instructions   [PDF]
Note for Motion Docket Revised [Word]   Note for Trial Setting (Revised 5/7/14) [Word] [PDF]
Note for Motion Docket (Support Modification) [Word] [PDF] Order Setting Trial Date [Word] [PDF]
Request for Entry of Decree (and Declaration of Jurisdictional Facts) [Word] [PDF] (One of the instructions below must be attached to above order, if applicable.)    
Sample Cover Sheet for Sealed Document, GR 15 & 22 [Word]   Family Law Settlement Conference Instructions   [PDF]
Sample Motion to Seal Document, GR 15 [Word]     Jury Trial Instructions   [PDF]
Sample Order to Seal Document, GR 15 [Word]        
Sample Public GAL Report, GR 22 [Word]        
Sample Sealed GAL Report, GR 22 [Word]        
Satisfaction of Judgment   [PDF]        
Small Estate Settlement by Affidavit [Word] [PDF]      
Temporary Restraining Order [Word]        
Verified Statement of Assets & Liabilities [Word] [PDF]      

State domestic relations forms may also be accessed on and printed without charge on the Internet at