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Community Legal Resources

Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center

Contacting Us:
13 Prospect Street
Bellingham, Washington  98225
(360) 676-0122
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm

The Dispute Resolution Center is a non-profit organization that helps people resolve disputes.  Conflicts may be between neighbors, parents, children, grandparents, businesses, co-workers, landlords and tenants, or others.  A sliding fee for most services is available.  Offered are:

  Community Dispute Resolution: People in conflict meet with a mediator who helps them find ways to successfully resolve the problem together.  A mediator doesn't take sides. Arranged by appointment.

  "Helping Children Through Family Changes" SEMINAR: A four-hour seminar is offered to parents who are divorced or are considering divorce.  The Superior Court refers most parents to the seminar at the time of filing; others may attend without a court referral. Pre-registration required.

  Divorce and Parenting Plan Mediation:  Experienced mediators assist parents in creating parenting plans during and after divorce.  Financial issues can also be resolved in mediation.  Mediators cannot give legal advice nor provide legal representation. Mediations arranged by appointment.

  Other Specialized Mediation and Arbitration: Professionals are available for issues involving business, employer-employee, insurance, environmental and other issues. Services arranged by appointment.

  Community Education: Presentations and workshops on conflict management are offered on request.  The Center also sponsors training in mediation skills for schools and the general public.