Off Leash Area

Most Washington state parks and trails, including those in Whatcom County, require dogs to be on a leash at all times. Off-leash dogs trample habitat, chase animals, leave behind waste that can pollute groundwater and disrupt the enjoyment of other park and trail users.

Pet owners are required to remove their pets waste and dispose of it appropriately. Many trails provide doggy bags near the trailhead.

no dogsDogs are not allowed in the following areas due to the conservation of sensitive habitat:

  • Birch Bay Conservancy Area
  • Canyon Lake Community Forest
  • Ostrom Conservation Site
  • Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve
  • Stimpson Family Nature Reserve
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Hovander Homestead Park

The off-leash dog area is a large open field at the top northwest corner of Hovander Homestead Park.
The closest parking lot to the off-leash area is the WDFW boat launch. Please note that a Washington State Discover Pass is required to park at the boat launch parking lot.

For free parking, park in the Hovander Homestead Park main lot and walk your dog approximately 0.5 miles to the off-leash area.

City of Bellingham Parks offers a number of off-leash and dog exercise areas.