Application Process

Application forms (PDF) are available online or through the Whatcom County Executive office via email.

The public sector applicant should complete and return the application along with all the appropriate attachments to the County Executive's office for preliminary review. Then the application proceeds as follows:
  • County Executive and staff review
  • The EDI Board meets on an as needed basis to review all EDI applications.
  • The EDI Board will then make a recommendation on the application, based on program criteria, to the County Council. The County Council has the final approval of the funding application

After Approval

If the application is approved by the County Council, the county administration will prepare the necessary contracts. The county administration will also handle the disbursement of funds and service the loans. Principal and interest payments will be returned to the EDI fund for future projects.

This is a brief overview of the EDI program. The important thing to remember is that the funds are for "public facilities" and the applicant must be a "public entity" or local government. The EDI Board makes the recommendation to fund the proposed project to the County Council. It is the County Council that makes the final decision on project funding.