Exempt Land Divisions

An exempt land division involved land divisions exempt from subdivision requirements pursuant to Whatcom County Code 21.01.040 except that land divisions into parcels greater than 20 acres (or 40 acres in the Agricultural or Commercial Forestry zones) and parcels created for environmental mitigation must receive approval from Planning and Development Services (PDS).


The process includes submittal of a Subdivision Exemption Application (PDF) with appropriate fees to PDS. Staff will then route the application to members of the Technical Review Committee including Critical Areas, Plans Examiner, Public Works, and Fire Marshal’s Office.

Staff will then either issue preliminary approval, a request for more information or a denial of the application. The applicant must then have a surveyor prepare a map and deeds must be written to reflect the proposed subdivision.

Staff will then stamp the map and deeds and the applicant must have them recorded with the Whatcom County Auditor within 1 year of preliminary approval.