Lot of Record

A Lot of Record (LOR) is reviewed consistent with the following definition, set forth by Whatcom County Code 20.97.220: Lot of record means a lot which is described by final plat, short plat, or metes and bounds, and is established pursuant to applicable local and state regulations at the date a legal instrument creating the lot is recorded at the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office.

Review is based upon a deed history and maps provided by the applicant to determine if the lot was created prior to 1972 or if the lot was created after 1972 and is consistent with the subdivision regulations in effect at the time of creation. LOR’s are performed for all exemptions, boundary line adjustments, short plats, binding site plans and long subdivisions.

A LOR Application (PDF) is submitted at the front counter and assigned to a planner for review. Staff uses the application materials and geographic information system (GIS), Assessor’s, and Auditor’s websites, and plat index to determine how and when the lot was created.

Then staff writes a letter to the applicant either approving or denying the LOR. If parcels are determined to be LOR’s then the applicant can use them for their own use, for sale purposes, and can be subdivided. If the parcel is determined not to be a LOR then the applicant can not sell or apply for permits on that parcel.