Comprehensive Plan Update

Chapter 6 of the Comprehensive Plan outlines the county's transportation policy for the next 20 years and establishes the county's levels of service for its transportation facilities. Planning for transportation projects is closely coordinated with land use plans and projected population so that transportation facilities can keep pace with growth. An update of this chapter is needed so that transportation policy will reflect the most recent changes in land use plans and current priorities of the county and its citizens.

Last Update

The chapter saw its last substantial update in 2005. Whatcom County is currently working with citizens and other local agencies to develop a new update. The Community Transportation Advisory Group (CTAG) and the Whatcom County Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) serve as citizen advisory groups and will be involved throughout the update process. Information on the update is available on this page, or by contacting Gary Davis via email or by phone at 360-676-6907.

Important Documents