Franchise Application

Franchise Application or Change of Ownership Requirements

  • A franchise application (PDF) and a change in franchise ownership application (PDF) on County roads and bridges shall be submitted to the Whatcom County Council pursuant to RCW 36.55.040.
    • Whatcom County Council Office
      311 Grand Avenue
      Suite 105
      Bellingham, WA 98225
  • Applications for ownership change shall be accompanied by a franchise application fee as set forth in the most current Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule. Checks should be made payable to the Whatcom County Council.
  • Application must also be accompanied by a sketch of the proposed installation. A sketch is not required with an application for change in franchise ownership.

Upon receipt of the above-required materials, the Whatcom County Council will forward the application to the Whatcom County Public Works Director or County Engineer. The Director or Engineer will then prepare an ordinance granting the franchise for consideration by the Whatcom County Council.

For more information, please see the franchise application instructions (PDF), the change in franchise ownership instructions (PDF), and Chapter 12.24 of the Whatcom County Code.