Facilities Management

The Whatcom County Facilities Management Department’s mission is to efficiently plan, provide and manage quality facilities, grounds, security, equipment and energy ad sustainability services to support Whatcom County Departments and agencies in the accomplishment of their goals in a safe and cost effective manner. We are committed to developing and implementing new and more effective ways to reduce energy consumption, conserve water, and promote responsible waste management and the use of green supplies. 

Facilities Administration
Issues volunteers, attorneys and employee badges. We Issues keys, monitor security cameras and recording management. Manage alarm systems, fire, smoke, sprinkler and panic. We provide vendor contracts, agreements, background checks and access badges. Parking administration and manage the Courthouse Security Station. 

Maintenance Services
Operates and supports close to 1 million square feet of building space in approximately 69 buildings. The spaces includes, Whatcom County Courthouse, Sheriff’s Office, Corrections and Jail Work Center, Six Office Annex Buildings, Storage Facilities Residential and Mental Health Facilities, Parking Lots and many other outlaying buildings. This group executes preventative maintenance plans for equipment and building systems as well as delivers a maintenance, repair and replacement plan for all buildings.

Custodial Services
provide all the labor, materials and supplies to maintain County Facilities in a clean and sanitary condition in accordance to the County and Facilities Management Standards. 

Construction Management
provides services which include space planning, design, new construction of buildings, renovations of existing buildings and demolition of buildings.