How to Apply

Obtain an Application

Online: Complete and submit an online application, or download an application.pdf to Whatcom County Boards and Commissions

By phone, mail, or in person: Request an application from the County Executive's office or the County Council office.

Read the Expectations of Board and Commission Members

Read about the County's expectations for Board and Commission Members

Complete the Application

Write legibly.

Indicate which position you are applying for in item 2.

You may attach a resume or detailed summary of experience, qualifications, and interests.

Sign the application.

Note: Applications are public documents and may be subject to the Open Public Records Act.  As a candidate for a public board or commission, the  information will be available to the County Council, County Executive, and the public. All board and commission members are expected to be fair, impartial, and respectful of the public, County staff, and each other. Failure to abide by these expectations may result in revocation of appointment and removal from the appointive position.

Where to Send Application

Unless otherwise noted in each vacancy:

Mail or deliver your signed applications to the Council office for Council-appointed boards and commissions. You may email your application to the Council office, but we must receive the original signed application before the Council makes appointments.

Fax, mail, or deliver your signed applications to the Executive's office for Executive-appointed boards and commissions.

Application Requirements

All members must be registered voters, residents of Whatcom County, and if applicable, reside in the area they represent and/or meet the qualifications of the position. Members serve without compensation unless otherwise noted.