Current Vacancies


  The following list represents all current volunteer positions on Executive-appointed and Council-appointed boards, committees, and commissions. All appointees must live in and be registered to vote in Whatcom County and, if applicable, meet the residency, employment, and/or affiliation requirements of the position.  Appointments are without compensation unless otherwise noted.  Applications can be completed online, or are available in the Council Office and Executive's Office.

If you have questions, please contact the County Council office at 360-778-5010 or the County Executive's office at 360-778-5200.
(last updated 10/30/2019)
County Council & County Executive Expectations for Boards and Commissions
Open Government Training
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Council-appointed and Flood Control Zone District Board of Supervisors-appointed vacancies
Appointments made by the County Council
Mail Applications to:
County Council Office
Whatcom County Courthouse
311 Grand Avenue, Ste 105
Bellingham, WA 98225
For more information: 360-778-5010
Executive-appointed vacancies
Appointments made by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council              
Mail Applications to:
Executive's Office
Whatcom County Courthouse
311 Grand Avenue, Ste 108
Bellingham, WA 98225
For more information: 360-778-5200
2 Vacancies, for Farmer position and Agricultural Processor position. The Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) provides review and recommendations to the Whatcom County Council on issues that affect agriculture. The AAC also provides a forum for farmers and others interested in enhancing and promoting the long-term viability of Whatcom County agriculture.  Meets monthly October through April; 4 year term.  Executive-appointed.

1 Vacancy.  The Committee assists the county in the planning, funding, development and implementation of facilities and programs that will result in the increased safety and use of bicycle and pedestrian travel as a significant and beneficial mode of transportation and recreation.  Members meet monthly and serve a four year term.  Executive-appointed.

2 Vacancies (alternates).  Applicant must be a member of one of the construction trades (building, structural, architectural, plumbing, engineering, or mechanical).  This Board receives and rules on appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official and/or fire marshal relative to the application and interpretation of the building construction and maintenance codes as adopted by the county, with responsibility to publish all findings.  Board members meet on an as-needed basis and serve three year terms. Executive-appointed.

1 Vacancy - 4-year term
Members must have a direct interest in the shellfish protection district.  Duties are to advise the County Council on the proposed actions and operations relating to the restoration of water quality in the Drayton Harbor Shellfish Protection District. Meetings are quarterly on the last Wednesday of the month.   Council-appointed 

1 Vacancy, for Export Sales Farming position.  This committee is comprised of nine food system sector representatives.  The Committee is working to create a Countywide Food System Plan, which will guide policies and efforts to make a more sustainable and equitable food system.  Meets once a month, and members serve a four year term. Executive-appointed

2 Vacancies, various terms
1 Vacancy for a commercial forest landowner (or qualified designee) Term ends 1/31/2023
1 Vacancy for a forest product manufacturer  - 1 term ends 1/31/2020,
The Forestry Advisory Committee provides review and recommendations to the Whatcom County Council on issues that affect the forestry industry.  The Forestry Advisory Committee also provides a forum for all sectors of the forestry community to contribute to discussions on the future of forestry in Whatcom County. The committee holds their meetings on the third Thursday of the month, as needed.  Council-appointed

1 Vacancy, 1-year term 
The Board is created to enable Whatcom County to more effectively control and prevent the spread of horticultural pests and diseases.  One member shall have at least a practical knowledge of horticultural pests and diseases and the other members shall be residents of the county, shall own land within the county and shall be engaged in the primary and commercial production of a horticultural product or products, one of whom shall be engaged in the production of certified organic produce, if available.  Such appointed members shall serve a term of two years.  The Board shall have the following powers and duties.  1.Receive complaints, 2.Inspect 3.Enforce 4.Employ persons and purchase goods and equipment as necessary, 5.Educate the public, and 6. Administrate.  Council-appointed

1 Vacancy, Partial term ending 1/31/2022.  Applicant must be a county resident who does not live on or own property on Lummi Island.  The Committee provides review and recommendations to the County Council and Executive on issues that affect the ongoing operations and infrastructure of ferry service to Lummi Island. Review includes: proposed changes to ferry operations and fares; an annual review of the ferry fund; demands of and improvements to ferry services; and ferry replacement options.  Meets at least quarterly.  Council-appointed

2 Vacancies  4-year term
Applicants must live within the subzone boundary. The Committee is an integral part of the Program reviewing the Comprehensive Plan for flood control, discusses and recommends Budget appropriation, and is a liaison with the public at meetings.  The Committee has special meetings throughout the year as needed.  Flood Control Zone District Board of Supervisors appointed 


1 Current Vacancy (economic interest) and 4 upcoming vacancies (the committee is currently recruiting to fill positions that are opening up in January 2020 - these positions include the following: recreational, scientific, economic and citizen at large). The Committee, guided by sound science and the needs of the Northwest Strait marine ecosystem, and consideration for the citizens of Whatcom County, will address local marine issues and recommend remedial action to local authorities. The committee will build awareness of issues, and gather support for remedies. Members meet monthly on the first Thursday and serve four year terms. Executive-appointed.


1 Vacancy. This board serves as advisors to the Area Agency on Aging in order to develop and enhance a comprehensive service delivery system which meets the physical, social, and psychological needs of older people, people with disabilities, their families, friends, and caregivers. The majority of board members are older adults who represent local governments, minority groups, and citizen, professional, and community organizations. The full Board meets the third Thursday of January, March, May, June, September and October and members participate on committees and advocacy/community events numerous times per year. Three-year term. Executive appointed

NOXIOUS WEED CONTROL BOARD  - ALL APPLICATIONS For this Board Should be sent to the Whatcom County Noxious Weed Board, 322 N. Commercial Street, Suite 110, Bellingham, Washington 98225 
1 Vacancy, 4-year terms
Must reside in Noxious Weed District 3 and have ten signatures from registered voters in that district.  
District No. 3 - North Boundary is Henry, Alder Grove, and Hemmi Rds., South Boundary follows Slater and Bakerview Rds., East and West Boundaries are the same as for Whatcom County.
To view map of Noxious Weed Board districts visit our website here. The Board promotes education concerning management of listed noxious weeds such as tansy ragwork, knapweed, purple loosestrife, knotweed and their impacts on natural resources.  Members generally meet every other month.  Please call the Weed Board Coordinator at 360-778-6234 for more information.  ALL APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE WHATCOM COUNTY NOXIOUS WEED BOARD 322 NO. COMMERCIAL STREET, SUITE 110, BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON 98225. 

4 Vacancies.  4 year term. This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the county assessor in implementing assessment guidelines as established by the department of revenue for the assessment of open space, farms and agricultural lands, and timber lands. Council-appointed.

2 Vacancies - District 1 and District 4.  This commission serves in an advisory capacity to the County Executive and the Parks and Recreation Department on matters relating to parks, recreation, and senior services.  Meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month; 4-year term. Executive -appointed

2 vacancies – 1 appointment for partial term ending 1/31/2022, 1 appointment for partial term ending 1/31/2021.  Members must have a direct interest in the shellfish protection district.  Duties are to advise the County Council on the proposed actions and operations relating to the restoration of water quality in the Portage Bay Shellfish Protection District.  Meetings are quarterly on the last Wednesday of the month.   Council-appointed

At this time, we are considering applications for representatives in the following areas: Physical (built) Environment, Communities Experiencing Health Inequities, and Community Member with Lived Experience in Social Service or Health Care System challenges.  This Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Health Board and the Health Department on all issues related to the County Health Department and its programs.  Meets on the first Thursday of alternating months. Executive-appointed.

1 Vacancy - Farmer position.  This committee provides oversight and evaluation of the Agricultural Purchase of Development Rights program for Whatcom County.  This program enhances the long-term viability of agricultural enterprises within the county and provides public benefit by retaining properties in permanent resource use.  Meets on a quarterly basis, as needed; four-year term.  Executive-appointed.

RURAL LIBRARY BOARD (Whatcom County Library System)
1 upcoming vacancy (the board is currently recruiting to fill a position with a term start date of 2/1/20).  Applicants with professional background in budgeting, finance, accounting, or data analysis are particularly encouraged to apply.  Ideally, applicants will reside in Whatcom County outside the city limits of Bellingham.  This board adopts policy for governing the rural library district, employs the library director, carries out planning and sets an annual budget as well as conducts other work necessary for the orderly, efficient and sustainable operation of the library as outlined in RCW 27.12.210.  Trustees meet monthly on the third Tuesday and serve a five-year term.  Executed-appointed.

1 vacancy representing Agriculture- Partial term ends 1/31/2020
No two representatives can be from the same company or public interest group. The committee provides ongoing public input and advice to Whatcom County on solid waste management issues. Generally meets quarterly on Thursday evenings, but meeting schedule and frequency subject to change upon committee approval. Council-appointed. 

1 Vacancy - Applicant must represent Agriculture
Committee advises the Whatcom County Planning and Development Services Department and the Whatcom County Council on implementing a surface mining regulatory program consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  Committee meets as needed.  Council-appointed