Projects, Project Costs, Maximum Return for Tax Revenue, Annual Construction Program


Each year, work occurs on approximately 10 projects, with a portion of those in the design phase and a portion in construction. This number can vary depending on the size and complexity of the projects chosen.  

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Project Costs

Identification of typical project costs is: structural overlays ($350,000 per mile), rural roadway reconstruction ($1,000,000 per mile), urban roadway reconstruction ($1,800,000 per mile), traffic signals ($300,000 each), and bridge replacement ($170 per square foot).

Maximum Return for Tax Revenue

Roads and bridges in good condition are essential to ensure efficient, safe, and reliable transportation corridors for commerce and everyday use by the public. Public Works aggressively works to secure matching state and federal funds on projects to ensure that the citizens of Whatcom County receive the maximum return on their tax dollars.

Interdepartmental Cooperation

The Design & Construction section supports Maintenance & Operations (M&O) through technical engineering and survey support. Other sections of Public Works also receive these technical services. Conversely, the Design & Construction section receives hydraulic engineering design from the Development Review and River & Flood sections as well as traffic data and analysis from the Traffic section. They also require permit support from Planning & Development Services and maintenance and day labor support for allowable construction projects from M&O.

Annual Road Construction Program

The accomplishment of the Annual Road Construction Program, by Engineering, requires assistance from the Finance Department 

Purchasing Section

Purchasing, in concert with the Design & Construction section, goes out to bid on a number of projects each year. The Design & Construction section produces a set of engineering plans and specifications (Contract Documents) that Purchasing advertises for bid submittals and then conducts a bid opening. This process also involves the coordination of review, award, and execution with the Whatcom County Council, of a contract with the successful private contractor. The Design & Construction section also supports the actual construction project by providing inspection and construction engineering to insure successful project completion.