Confirming Your Hearing

Information for Confirming Motions
View local court rules (PDF) online. Confirmations must include the following:

  1. Name of Judge / Commissioner for Hearing
  2. Case Number
  3. Case Name
  4. Date / Time of Hearing
  5. Nature of Hearing
  6. Name of confirming attorney or party, and phone #

 Confirming Trial Settings and Hearings on the Judges' Friday Motions Calendar

Please use the email links below to confirm your hearing with your assigned Judge.
WCCR 40.1(c) and WCCR 77.2(c)

CIVIL CALENDAR ZOOM LINKS: If you would like a Zoom link to any of the judge’s Friday Civil Motion Calendars, please contact that Judge’s Judicial Assistant. Not all cases will receive permission to appear by Zoom. Moving parties should request Zoom at the time the hearing is confirmed. Non-moving parties must request to appear by Zoom no later than 3:00 pm on Thursdays.

Confirming Domestic/Family Law Motions 
 Commissioner's Calendar

WCSPR 94.05

By email: Domestic Calendar 
([email protected])
  By phone: (360) 778-5560  Option #2