Continuing Benefits (COBRA)

Continuing Benefits (COBRA)
COBRA allows employees and their dependents to continue benefit plan coverage, at their own expense, after qualifying events that would otherwise make them lose coverage, such as leaving employment.
Please refer to your Initial Notice of COBRA Continuation Rights for additional information (PDF).

Events That Trigger COBRA & the Maximum Length of Continuation of Coverage

Qualifying Event


Maximum Coverage Period

Termination of employment or reduction of hours

Employee, spouse, dependent children

18 months (or 29 months with disability extension)

Divorce or legal separation

Spouse, dependent children

36 months

Loss of dependent child status

Dependent child

36 months

Employee entitled to Medicare

Spouse, dependent children

36 months

Death of covered employee

Spouse, dependent children

36 months

Experiencing a Qualifying Event

You must provide prompt notice to Human Resources with a Notice of Change to Benefits form (DOC). You and/or your dependents will only be eligible for COBRA if you provide notice within the specified timeframes.


Monthly COBRA premiums vary depending on the plan(s) elected and the individual(s) covered. Click on your Bargaining Unit / Group below for current COBRA rates:

More Information

Call your Human Resources Representative
Refer to An Employee's Guide to Health Benefits Under COBRA.