Courthouse Parking

Whatcom County maintains seven parking areas for visitors, vendors and employees.

 Paid Parking

Whatcom County's main South lot is located on Grand Avenue directly South of the Courthouse.

This lot is separated into two sections:

  • The East section is for visitor paid parking and jury parking: you must enter from the Grand Avenue entrance. 
  • For the convenience of our visitors there is a parking machine located in the middle of the lot for daily parking permits. Purchase your parking receipt and place it on the vehicle dash visible for the Security Staff. 
  • The West section is employee reserved parking. You must have a permit to park in this area and must enter from Prospect Street.
  • Parking Citations are written for non-payment, time expired, blocking driveway/fire lanes and unauthorized use of reserved spaces.
Jury Parking
Juror's may park in the white marked spaces in the South Courthouse lot; enter from Grand Avenue. You must place the juror parking pass on the dash visible to the Security staff. 

 Vendor Parking

Whatcom County limits parking on Lottie Street to no more than 30 minutes. Vendors with a pre-approved Facilities Management parking pass displayed on the dash may park in these spaces for more than 30 minutes. 

 Motorcycle Parking

Designated motorcycle parking is located on the North side of the Courthouse. It is marked for motorcycles and no payment is required.

Bicycle Parking

Bike racks are provided at each building for rides convenience. Riders are responsible for locking their own bicycles.