Adoption Resources

In the State of Washington all adoptions are filed in the Superior Courts. It is strongly recommended that potential adopters hire an attorney but they can choose to act pro se (meaning represent themselves) in this type of matter. Unlike most other family law matters there are no state wide standard forms available and the Superior Court Clerks Office does not carry any pre-made packets for this. Furthermore, our Court Facilitators do not have any training in or knowledge of this type of case. The filing fee is $260.

There is some adoption information available on the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families  website
Accessing your Adoption case
Once an adoption is finalized it is treated like a sealed case. The Clerk's office will not answer any questions or provide any copies of the case except by court order. If you need to access your adoption case you will need to fill out the form below and drop it off with the court. The request will be taken before the presiding Judge for review. There is no fee to drop it off.

Please be aware that this document will need to be notarized.
 Adoption Access Request Form