Current Sheriff Sales

Listed below are the current Sheriff Sales. If the property you are searching for is not listed, it is most likely a Trustee Sale, which is not handled by our office.
Please contact the Sheriff's Office Civil Division if you would like to know the opening bid for one of these properties, which is usually received a few days prior to the sale date.
  1. July 2019
  2. August 2019
  3. September 2019
Sale Date                
Debtor Property Being Sold Sheriff's Notice Link
Opening Bid
July 12, 2019 Deanne Hustead 8191 Birch Terrace Lane, Custer Link $286,301.87
Postponed to Sept 27 William Murphy 3909 H Street Road, Blaine Link  Postponement  
July 12, 2019 Greg Pate XXXX Cedar Lane, Bellingham
​XXXX Ash Way, Bellingham 
Link $11,263.52
July 26, 2019 Estate of Judy Ann Cael
​and Robert C. Cael
7979 Lynbrook Court, Ferndale Link $383,096.80
July 26, 2019 Bradley Prouten/Joelene Roberts XXXX Riverside Dr, Maple Falls Link $9,694.08