Unified Fee Schedule

Changes to 2019-20 Unified Fee Schedule

Date Type of Change Section Description of Change
01/23/2019 Exec Order 2019-01 Planning & Development Addition of Type 1 Revision fee
02/26/2019 Amendment Public Works Changes to Aquatic Invasive Species fees

04/04/2019 Exec Order 2019-02 Auditor Addition of Index Data fee and change to Image Service fee #1113
03/25/2020 Exec Order 2020-03 Public Works Changes to charges for passage on the Whatcom County Ferry
04/21/2020 Exec Order 2020-07 Health Changes to fees related to Food Establishments and Taverns
04/28/2020 Exec Order 2020-08 Sheriff Changes to fees related to Reimbursable Overtime

Changes to 2017-18 Unified Fee Schedule

Type of Change
Description of Change
05/01/2017 Exec Order 2017-01 Health Change to LE-School-Playground Plan Review
05/16/2017 Exec Order 2017-02 Jail Change to fees for Jail Alternative Programs
09/26/2017 Amendment #1 Appendix Replace Appendix C with Appendix C-1 (Public Works UFS Addenda)
10/23/2017 Exec Order 2017-04 All Departments Addition of Scanning fee for requests for Public Records
12/01/2017 Amendment #2 Planning & Development Addition of Density Credit fee
01/11/2018 Exec Order 2018-01 Sheriff Change to Reimbursable Overtime fee
04/02/2018 Exec Order 2018-02 Planning & Development Addition of ESSB 6091 Water Availability fee
04/20/2018 Exec Order 2018-05 Jail Change to fees associated with Jail Per Diem
07/01/2018 Exec Order 2018-06 Jail Change to fees associated with Jail Per Diem
08/01/2018 Exec Order 2018-07 Health Addition of Secure Medicine Return Plan Review fees