Bureau of Custody and Corrections Services

In order to assist with reducing the threat of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), both Whatcom County Corrections facilities have enacted restricted access to the Public Lobby and Reception windows. The Whatcom County Downtown Jail and Work Center have closed their public windows for all but essential services. The lobbies of both facilities will be open on weekdays. Bail and money may be deposited at the jail only by using the on-site kiosk or online services. Please see the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Corrections page for information on how to access the online services.

Reception at both facilities will still be answering phone calls (360-778-6500) and providing information to members of the public during business hours (seen on the right). At this time, we are still planning on very limited offender visitation at the Downtown Jail on the weekends. Offenders will be allowed 1 visitor for 1 hour. Other family or friends will no longer be allowed to wait in the lobby, due to the social distancing requirements that have been ordered to reduce transmission of the novel (new) coronavirus. Please check back here before visiting as this may suddenly change due to new information or State/Federal requirements.

For information on commissary for inmates, please contact:
JAILATM.COM (1-870-627-5476)

To put credit on an inmate account for movies or music on a tablet, please contact:
GETTINGOUT.COM (1-866-516-0115)

For pre-paid phone services, please contact:
ICSOLUTIONS.COM (1-888-506-8407)

Bail Bonding companies should call the jail prior to coming to the Facility to post a bond. 360-778-6500.

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The Corrections Bureau operates the Whatcom County Jail and the Interim Work Center. The jail is a maximum-security facility responsible for the incarceration of approximately 245 prisoners daily.  The Interim Work Center averages 130 minimum or low-medium custody and alternative corrections inmates.  An average of 30 inmates a day are serving time on Electronic Home Detention.
Correction Deputies oversee the day to day operation of the jail including:
  • Booking
  • Population control
  • Meals
  • Medical care
  • Prisoner transports
  • Court security and appearances
The Corrections Bureau also oversees part of a state wide transport chain that links the various jails and detention facilities. Corrections Deputies make daily trips to Skagit, and Snohomish County jails.

The Corrections Bureau is also responsible for facilitating alternative sentencing programs. Currently, the jail implements programs such as home detention, work crew and work release as alternatives to incarceration.