Civil Division

In accordance with Governor Inslee's Eviction Proclamation 20-19.2
  Proclamation 20-19.2 extends the prior eviction moratorium for 60 days (through October 1) and makes modifications to the prior moratorium.  The modifications include, but are not limited to:
  • Prohibiting retaliation against any tenant who invokes rights or protections under the proclamation;
  • Permitting eviction based on property damage, except for damage that is not urgent in nature, including conditions that were known or knowable to the landlord prior to the COVID-19 crisis;
  • Establishing a defense to any lawsuit for tenants if a landlord fails to offer a reasonable repayment plan;
  • Establishing a minimum of a 14-day length of stay at a hotel, motel or at other non-traditional dwelling situations in order to trigger the application of this proclamation to those dwelling situations; and
  • Allowing owners to evict tenants if the owner plans to occupy or sell the property, after providing at least 60 days’ notice; and
  • Exempting commercial property rent increases that were executed in a rental agreement prior to the date the state of emergency was declared, on February 29.

Other restrictions, including the prohibition on assessing late fees or other charges, are continued in this order.

The Sheriff's Office serves legal documents, performs evictions and carries out orders of the courts.

Document Service

Trained Sheriff's Office personnel review all orders to be served by the sheriff or his/her deputies to limit their liability.


The Sheriff's Office handles all of the evictions for Whatcom County. All Writs of Restitution are required to go through the Whatcom County Superior Court before they are handed in to our office.  There is a fee of $150.00 for all evictions. 

Court Orders

Types of civil court orders carried out by the Sheriff's Office include:

  • Orders of Sale
  • Writs of Execution
  • Writs of Attachment
  • Writs of Restitution
  • Writs of Replevin
  • Writs of Habeas Corpus
These duties can often include placing levies on real and personal property, a process that can result in disposing of the property at a Sheriff’s Sale.  
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