deBoer Levee Repair and Culvert Replacement Project

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Completed in 2015 with planting in spring 2016

Project Benefits

  • Improve fish passage from the Nooksack River into an unnamed tributary
  • Repair a breached levee and restore flood protection to approximately 350 acres of farmland
  • Improve drainage of flood overflows from approximately 1,000 acres extending to Bertrand Creek
  • Protect access to Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County's water intake


The deBoer Levee provides flood protection to low-laying areas between Interstate 5 and the Nooksack River northeast of Ferndale. Over the winter of 2014-2015, several high water events damaged a section of the levee where a culvert for an unnamed tributary flowed into the lower Nooksack River. A temporary sandbag levee was installed until the permanent repair could be constructed.

Project Description

This project repaired the levee and improved conditions for drainage and fish habitat along the lower Nooksack River. The damaged culvert and floodgate were replaced with a new, larger culvert and side-swing self-regulating floodgate. The larger culvert reduces the time required to drain floodwaters that overtop as far upstream as Bertrand Creek. The new floodgate remains open for improved fish passage until flood water rise to a predetermined level when the regulator closes the gate, preventing upstream flooding.

Construction Contract

  • Contractor: Carman’s Construction, LLC
  • Contract Amount: $88,859


  • Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County
  • Bertrand Watershed Improvement District
  • Diking District #4
  • Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District


Gary F. Goodall, River and Flood Engineer
(360) 778-6287
[email protected]