Central Plaza Improvements

Project Background

The Central Plaza Building Improvements include roof replacement, sidewalk/asphalt repairs and tree removal. The Central Plaza building is occupied by the Public Defender's Office.

The trees have up heaved the sidewalk and asphalt. The trees needed to be removed and replanted. The sidewalk will need to be replaced and the asphalt will need to be repaired where the tree damage was done. 

Central Plaza Roof has been leaking for several years; and the yearly patching is not keeping up with the leaks. A new roof will protect the building for an additional 20 years. 

Project Status

2nd Quarter 2015 Status
The trees have been removed and replaced with trees that have been recommended by the City of Bellingham arborist. The sidewalk and asphalt will be replaced/repaired in the next few months. 

Facilities has done an assessment on the roof for Central Plaza. We are assembling the bid documents at this time and will be going out for bid when the documents are complete.

3rd Quarter 2015 Status
Sidewalk and asphalt repairs have been completed. Bid documents are expected to open November 10, 2015 for the roof improvements. 

4th Quarter 2015 Status
Bid documents opened and have been awarded to Hytech Roofing, Inc. Contracts have been written and scheduling is the next step in the process.

1st Quarter 2016 Status                                                                                                                                                                                   Project has been on hold the first quarter due to inclement weather for roof removal, expecting scheduling during 2nd Quarter.