Courthouse Building Envelope

Project Background

The original building was built in the early 1930’s and has had two additions, one in 1972 and another in 1991 approximately doubling the size of the facility. The 1991 addition included modifications to the exterior finishes on both the 1930’s and 1970’s phases of the building.

Whatcom County is experiencing water infiltration problems with the exterior of the Courthouse since the completion of the new Courthouse Addition in 1992. In some areas it appears that the exterior insulation has begun to separate from the building. There is other evidence of water intrusion into the interior of the building.

Whatcom County Facilities Management contracted with HKP Architects to provide a Condition Survey of the exterior envelope of the Whatcom County Courthouse.

Courthouse Exteriors 002
Courthouse Construction Photo

Project Status

2nd Quarter 2015 Status
HKP Architects are currently in the process of preparing schematic design solutions and associated cost estimates to format into a final report of their investigation, findings, solutions and costs to the County. Their design concepts when implemented in construction will provide the Courthouse with an additional 40 – 50 years of use.

3rd Quarter 2015 Status
The Whatcom County Courthouse Exterior Envelope Assessment Report is currently in its final editing by HKP Architects and their consultants, responding to Facilities review comments of the Draft Report. The report focuses on solutions by identifying the building deficiencies having relied on expert investigation by building envelope consultants, structural engineers, testing agencies as well as HKP architects; and assisted by a general contractor to repair destructive investigation methods. Design concepts are being analyzed and cost estimates finalized for each solution to be included in the Final Report expected soon.

4th Quarter 2015 Status
The Whatcom County Courthouse Exterior Envelope Assessment Report was completed by HKP Architects and submitted to the County. The County Executive will review the report and determine the next steps.

1st Quarter 2016 Status                                                                                                                                                                                  The County requested a proposal from HKP Architects to provide a Change Order Proposal for cost ans scope, providing a list of smaller repair and maintenance projects with costs to schedule and bid over a ten year plan, first year, etc. with inflation factors. This is to address the most pressing issues that are practical to do without engaging in a large complete solution to the entire building as indicated by the report.