Civic Center Building Fund

Project Background

In November of 2013, Whatcom County Council approved the purchase of the Civic Center Building from the Whatcom County Road Fund. At the time of acquisition the County Council authorized a Civic Center Building Improvement Fund of $2.5M for the renovation of the building. The purchase of the Civic Center building will help to accommodate the downtown reorganization of the State Street and Girard Street buildings. The Civic Center building requires renovation to the 2nd and 4th floors to prepare the building for full occupancy. 

Project Status

2nd Quarter 2015 Status
RMC Architects have started the first phase of this project. RMC Architects are compiling information on staff numbers, special requirements, and project goals, open vs. closed office environments, storage and entry sequences. This information will be complied and presented to each Department to validate the accuracy for the next Phase. It is important to gather accurate information and goals for this project to be successful.

3rd Quarter 2015 Status
RMC Architects are continuing the first phase of the project. 

4th Quarter 2015 Status
The final editing was being worked on by RMC Architects to respond to Facilities review comments of the Departmental Planning Program and Cost Estimates. The final programming reports are anticipated to be submitted in the 1st Quarter of 2016

1st Quarter 2016 Status                                                       Final programming reports have been submitted. Results are being evaluated for feasibility and possibly funding requirements.                                                          

Civic Center Annex

2013-12-13 CCA Exterior SW

Open Office Space

Civic Center Open Office Spaces

Open Office Space

Civic Center Open Office Spaces II

Roof NE Corner

Civic Center Roof

HVAC Equipment

Civic Center HVAC Equipment