Process Service & Fees

Submittal of Paperwork for Service

In order to effectively assist you, the Civil Division will need to know information about the person(s) to be served such as: possible addresses, dates of birth, physical descriptors, phone numbers, service requirements and the deadline for service. We cannot serve your papers unless you provide us with a physical address.

Please complete the Service Request Intake Information Sheet (PDF) and forward it along with the paperwork to be served and advanced service fees. If you have special service requirements, i.e. personal service only or substitute service is allowed in what circumstances, please note them at the bottom of the Service Request Intake Form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- Currently the WCSO is NOT serving any type of Summons and Complaints or Small Claims. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Payment of Service Fees

The Civil Division requires payment of service fees in advance and payment must accompany the paperwork at the time it is received for service. If you are uncertain of the amount to submit, you may contact the Civil Division (see phone number under Contact Us) for a price quote. If you are submitting the paperwork in person, our office will quote you the amount required at that time.

We will accept payment in the form of cash, personal check or money order made payable to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office. We now accept “credit” or “debit” cards (fees associated).

All other service fees are listed on the intake sheets for each of the various processes.

*As of February, 2022, the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office is no longer serving Small Claims or Summons & Complaints.  Please contact a local process server for service.  We apologize for any inconvenience.