Special District Vacancies

Applicants must be registered voters in the State of Washington and own land in the district they represent. Appointments are made by the County Council. Appointees will serve until the next special district election in February 2026. 

Complete an application online or download and submit a completed application to the County Council Office:

Whatcom County Council Office
311 Grand Ave., Suite 105
Bellingham, WA 98225

Drainage Districts

Duties include field review of drainage needs, attending an annual meeting to determine the next year’s work schedule and assessment levy, elect internal officers, and review, discuss, or act on any other official and district business.  (RCW 85.06 and RCW 85.38.170 and .180)

Diking Districts 

The Board of Commissioners shall have the exclusive charge of the construction and maintenance of all dikes or dike systems, including stream bank protection, which may be constructed within the district, and shall be the executive officers thereof, with full power to bind the district by their acts in the performance of their duties, as provided by law (RCW 85.05.085).  


Appointed term will expire at the special district general election of February 2026.

Butler Ditch Diking Drainage District
1 Vacancy, Supervisor Position 2. District boundary is located +/- 2-3 miles westerly of Ferndale in the area roughly bounded by Aldergrove, Olson, Thornton, and North Star Roads.  Butler Ditch flows westerly into Lake Terrell, tributary to Terrell Creek/Birch Bay.

Drainage District #2 
1 vacancy, Commissioner Position 3.  District boundary is located +/- 4-5 miles north/northeast of Ferndale.  Schneider Ditch is the primary channel, tributary to the Nooksack River.

Drainage District #3
 vacancies, all Commissioner positions. District boundaries are approximately the Four Mile Creek/Green Lake area, including tributary drainage to Green Lake along the Central Road and Noon Road and it is generally bordered by the Guide Meridian to the west, Pole Rd to the North, Noon Rd to the east and Ten Mile Rd to the south.  

Drainage Improvement District #15 
1 vacancy, Supervisor Position 3. District boundary is located +/- 1-5 miles easterly of Sumas.  Lowland reach of Saar Creek and Arnold (Mud) Slough are the primary channels, tributary to the Canadian reach of the Sumas River/Fraser River.