Lake Whatcom Capital Project Plan Update

The Lake Whatcom Comprehensive  Stormwater Plan was completed in 2008.  It includes an analysis of threats to water quality and watershed health and recommended solutions to protect Lake Whatcom.  Whatcom County Public Works uses the Lake Whatcom Comprehensive Stormwater Plan to guide water quality treatment project identification and prioritization.  All capital projects included in the current plan have either been built or are on the County’s current six-year capital project plan, the Water Resources Improvement Program. The Water Resources Improvement Program has completed an update to the capital project section of the plan. The update identifies and prioritizes new water quality treatment capital projects within the county portion of the Lake Whatcom watershed (outside of city limits). 

The update process includes:

  • Collecting information on known surface water problems and possible water quality treatment capital projects from the public and Lake Whatcom Management Program partners.
  • Engineering analysis to identify and scope new capital projects.
  • Evaluation and prioritization of proposed projects based on preliminary cost estimates and estimated phosphorus load reduction.
  • Developing conceptual designs for priority capital projects.
  • Developing a draft and final addendum to the Lake Whatcom Comprehensive Stormwater Plan.

The Final Lake Whatcom Capital Project Plan is now ready. Resolution 2017-063 was approved by the Whatcom County Council on November 21, 2017. Should you have questions please contact Cathy Craver by email or at the office (360) 778-6210.

Lake Whatcom watershed