Recording Forms

Standard Cover Sheet

The standard cover sheet is used when the first page of the document is missing indexing information or does not have the required 3 inch top margin. A 3 inch margin is required at the top and 1 inch margins on the bottom and sides of page 1. All other pages require clear 1 inch margins on all sides. Please complete the standard cover sheet (PDF) and include an additional $1 plus any other applicable recording fees (RCW 36.18 & 65.04).

Emergency Nonstandard Cover Sheet

The emergency nonstandard cover sheet is used when a document contains inadequate margins and the preparer wants to avoid reformatting the document. A surcharge of $50, plus $1 for the cover sheet, will be charged in addition to all other applicable recording fees. The emergency nonstandard cover sheet (PDF) must be completed and signed by the document preparer (RCW 36.18 & 65.04).

Process Server Registration

Process server registration form

Service Records

Veteran forms