Final Adopted Ordinance 2016 Comprehensive Plan

The ten-year update of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan was the culmination of a multiyear process which began with staff and technical review, followed by a thorough review by the Planning Commission, and finally, nearly eight months of review and consideration by the County Council.

The County Council’s review included a robust public process. Over the course of their review, the Council held 10 public hearings at evening Council meetings and heard public comment at Committee of the Whole meetings throughout the process. 

Council received 1000s of comments from the public and made 100s of changes to the Comprehensive Plan. They also passed legislation forwarding consideration of changes to the Cherry Point UGA to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will provide recommendations on that section in early January 2017.

Ordinance 2016-034 Strike Version

This is a single document incorporating the  Agenda Bill, Ordinance, and Exhibit A (all the chapters, appendices and maps) into one.  

Ordinance 2016-034 Clean Version 
This is the final Comprehensive Plan as adopted on August 9, 2016, broken down by individual chapter.