Incident Hotline

You have reached the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management Incident Hotline.   Today is Friday, October 12th, 2018.  There are no active incidents at this time; however, be aware that the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office is currently conducting an exercise that focuses on what would occur if Mount Baker were to erupt.  This exercise will involve field play with Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Whatcom County Search and Rescue, and Community Emergency Response Teams on October 17th.  This field play will occur in the Mosquito Lake, Rutsatz, and Deming areas and in addition to ground personnel, residents may see drone or helicopter activity during the day.  


We’ll start the day with patchy fog across the lower parts of the county including the coastal areas up to the foothills which will burn off as the day progresses. Then, it will be sunny skies for the remainder of the day with patchy fog moving back into the area tonight. Temperatures will be really nice with highs reaching into the lower 60s and nights dropping back down to the lower 40s. This pattern will continue into Tuesday of next week. No rain is in the forecast at this time.


Marine weather for the northern Inland Waters including the San Juan Islands shows no hazardous conditions for the next several days. Winds are expected to remain twenty knots or less through Tuesday next week. They will start today from the south and then shift to the northwest this afternoon in the five to fifteen knot range. They will continue to be from the northwest into this evening increasing to fifteen to twenty knots. There could be some patchy fog after midnight. Tomorrow, winds will be from the north starting out in the five to fifteen knot range and then increasing to ten to twenty knots.


Fog poses serious visibility issues and we can expect to see more of that as temperatures rise and fall through dew point temperature.   There are several things you can do reduce the risks associated with fog such as turning on your headlight when driving, slowing down, and giving yourself extra time to get to and from work, or wherever you’re headed.  Also, it’s important that you take the time to check the weather along your travel route for areas that could cause delays or even dangerous travel conditions.  Communicate your travel plans to someone so they know when you plan to leave as well as when you plan to arrive.  And, this is a great time to put your winter kit in your car; or, if you don’t have one, create one and put it in your car. Now is also the time to get in the habit of monitoring the Washington State Department of Transportation website for information on the mountain passes if you’re traveling across the Cascades for weather impacts.  Don’t assume driving conditions are the same for all mountain passes – some may require chains while others may not.

As this is Friday, this hotline will not be updated until Monday unless and incident occurs before then.

Always think safety. And remember, be prepared!

Contact: Wallace Kost, 360.788.5305, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management