Incident Hotline

Good morning. You have reached the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management Incident Hotline. Today is Thursday  August 16th, 2018.  There are no active incidents at this time; however, numerous burn bans remain in effect throughout the county ranging from total burn bans to campfire restrictions. More on this a little later.  

Over the next three days we’ll see a slight dip in the temperatures across the county.  Generally speaking, they will be about five degrees cooler today and another five degrees cooler tomorrow. Then the temperatures will turn the other direction for Saturday, Sunday and Monday doing just about the opposite – increase by three to five degrees each day.  No precipitation is in sight at this time.  So, expect mid to upper 70s today with mostly clear skies, clear skies tonight and mid 50s and then low to mid 70s for tomorrow with some clouds along the coastal area which will clear out during the day. 

Nothing has changed regarding the burn bans.  With no moisture in sight, the burn bans you’ve been hearing about and seeing on various signs will continue.  There is no single blanket burn ban statement which can be made for every location in Whatcom County.  Multiple jurisdictions and governing agencies have different criteria used to determine whether there is a total burn ban or restrictions on burning and unless you check with the agency each day, you will not know where things stand; in other words what has changed or not changed.  For unincorporated Whatcom County, the Stage 1 burn ban remains in effect.  That means there should be no outdoor burning of any kind except for recreational fires and there are requirements for those fires.   See the Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office website for the list of requirements.  Additionally, if your property is within Whatcom County Fire District 5 (Point Roberts; Fire District 11 (Lummi Island) or Fire District 17 (Sandy Point) you must check with those fire districts for outdoor burning restrictions.  If your property lies within, or you are visiting property that is fire protected by WA Department of Natural Resources, or a federal parks or forest agency, you must contact those organizations about outdoor burning restrictions.  All of these restrictions can change with little notice due to weather or other conditions so check with the controlling agency.  If you have any questions on open burning in unincorporated Whatcom County, please contact the Whatcom County Fire Marshall’s Office.  

Please keep the following in min. First, do not park a vehicle in a grassy area since catalytic converters can start a fire. Second, remember, temperatures inside a closed vehicle can easily reach 100 degrees or more in the sun. Always be aware of what is inside your vehicle; never leave children or pets unattended. Third, take breaks and drink plenty of water during hot weather. And finally, if you live next to someone or know someone who could be affected by hot temperatures, check on them or give them a call. Always think safety.

  Be safe and enjoy the weather!

Contact: Wallace Kost, 360.788.5305, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management