Bail Bond Information

Bail bond agents seeking to obtain a satisfaction of judgment or request the return of a forfeited bond are invited to use the following sample pleadings provided for those purposes by the Court. An agent needing a Satisfaction of Judgment to memorialize the payment of a forfeited bond may do so by filing a "Satisfaction of Forfeiture Judgment" with the Court. Agents seeking relief under RCW 10.19.140 to vacate a forfeiture judgment (paid or not) and/or obtain a refund of a bond paid, may do so utilizing the "Ex Parte Motion for Vacation of Forfeiture Order and Exoneration of Bond to Surety" and the "Order Vacating Forfeiture Judgment and Authorization to Return Funds." These sample pleadings are offered simply by way of example. Any suitable form of request from an agent will, of course, be accepted for processing by the Court.