Parkscriptions Challenge

The Wellness Program has teamed up with Recreation Northwest, a local charity, to bring you its 2nd challenge of the year!  

Edison quote
Thomas Edison's prediction was 100% accurate. Doctors in our community are now able to actually prescribe outdoor physical activity rather than medication. By increasing the prescription of physical activity in nature, health problems caused by inactivity and poor diet can be treated or, even better, prevented.

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Click here to learn more about the program

Challenge Details

Not only is this challenge about having fun outdoors, you are helping fine tune the Parkscriptions database before Recreation Northwest launches it to doctors and patients in our community.
From now until August 31, all employees are challenged to use their site and provide feedback on how it is working from a user's perspective.
Step 1: Visit their website and choose your park
Step 2: Go outside and have fun
Step 3:
Provide feedback 
Survey closes Thursday, August 31
Winner to be announced Tuesday, September 5
Prize Options:
1. Free team entry into the Bellingham Traverse race on September 16 valued at $230
2. $100 gift certificate to Backcountry Essentials
3. $100 reimbursement towards a gym membership