Water Quality Standards

The table below lists water quality standards for fecal coliform bacteria at marine and freshwater sites in Whatcom County coastal drainages. The freshwater water quality standards that govern Whatcom County are established and regulated by the Department of Ecology and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They are described more fully in Chapter 173-201A of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The standards for marine water are determined by the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.

Marine Water StandardsFreshwater StandardsFreshwater Standards
All AreasExtraordinary Primary Contact 
Cain Creek and Birch Bay watersheds
Primary Contact 
 Nooksack, Drayton and Chuckanut watersheds
Geometric Mean: 14FC/100mL  Geometric Mean: 50FC/100mLGeometric Mean: 100FC/100mL
Estimated 90th Percentile: 43FC/100mL Not more than 10% exceed 100FC/100mLNot more than 10% exceed 200FC/100mL